Exercise & Nostalgia in One

Maryland Gazette - Elahe Izadi [7 August 2008]

Hyattsville press discovers the myriad benefits of getting into the hooping movement as an adult.

Hooping Comes Full Circle

Washington Post - Philip Rucker [19 July 2008]

Philip Rucker unexpectedly stumbles upon the hooping revolution in this article that was originally intended to highlight different fads of summers' past, but ends up being all about the hoop due to the recent boom in the hooping scene!

The Audacity of Hoop

Urbanite - Tracey Middlekauff [October 2008]

This reporter goes in search of the "boredom-proof workout," and makes sure to take one of Powers' hoop classes to experience first-hand & hip the dynamic fun it provides!

For Kids Who Grew Up Long Ago, the Hula Hoop Comes Full Circle

Washington Post's Health Section - Kathleen Hom [16 December 2008]

The Post takes another look into our ever-growing hooping revolution that's underway~

Spinning Fun at Joe's Hoop Jams

Washington Post Weekender - Amy Orndorff [24 April 2009]

Amy Orndorff details some wonders of the current adult reclamation of the old-fashioned child's hoola hoop toy from decades ago, through visiting a monthly hoop jam at Joe's Movement Emporium.

Join the Hoop Revolution

Mid City DC News - Jazelle Hunt [October 2013]

Jazelle Hunt takes a peek into the local hooping revolution in this sweet article that highlights Hooping Powers' jams taking place weekly at Joe's Movement Emporium.