Of Interest~

A Stroke of Insight Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor is a neuroscientist who suffered a stroke and shares in this lecture her brilliant insights gleaned both during and since the incident about left and right brain hemispheres. This amazing video reinforces well the bilateral brain stimulation I purport we achieve through the revolutionary movement of the hoop back and forth, across our right and left sides~

Alexis Vasilos a.k.a. Lexi Loop! A dear friend, lovely artist, all around sweet soul, and original member of Strange Powers' Poodle Hoop Troop~ featured on the VIDEO page~

Carol Bushar My oldest friend on earth whom I've known since we were just a year old, Carol, has a blog. And shares in it thoughtful reflections, criticisms, and exciting ideas for positive social & environmental change. The most well-known and trusted source for all-things-HOOPING this side of...ANYWHERE! Started by Hooping Powers' earliest hooper-friends, it's grown to be a tremendous resource for all who connect with and convert to the hooping movement! A must-visit!

HoopingPowers' YouTube Channel A collection of hoopdance videos mostly featuring Noelle of HoopingPowers. Majority are improvisational hoopdance, some select performances, and tutorials are also on the way!

Schools Killing Creativity Ken Robinson's assertion that we are educating people out of their creativity and that creativity is as important in education as math & literacy, and we should treat it with the same status. Yay for hoop-dance class everyday!

Spoon Popkin Spoon is an amazing Baltimore-based artist who can whip you up a beauteous portrait of your favorite human or animal friend! Check out her sweet skills both in and out of the hoop~

Trixie Little Hailing from Baltimore, MD, Trixie Little is one of my favorite performers and people in the world! Make sure to catch her acrobatic burlesque fabulousness next time she cartwheels through your town!