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Dream Duo for Chill Hoop Music

If you local in the DMV haven’t yet been blessed with the chance to witness BOOMscat gracing a stage near you, it’s high time you seek them out. I was fortunate to be booked with my hoola hoops at a gig they played earlier this year~ and immediately fell madly in love with their art [...]

Joe’s Tuesday Night Jam & Lesson

Each Tuesday (unless it’s a holiday or the last week in August) Joe’s Movement Emporium hosts an evening Spin Jam and hoop instruction. From 6:45-7:30 Hooping Powers teaches beginners & intermediate hoopers new techniques and movements in the hoop, and then from 7:30 to 8:15pm, we dim the lights and move into a free-style practice [...]


I have to say i feel delighted about my niece’s latest work of art… little did she know yesterday when she made this clever & clowny masterpiece that it was the eve of World Hoop Day, and that 2013 is also the year of the SNAKE! [which is, coincidentally slash magically, my own Chinese zodiac [...]

October 30 in 30 Hooping Commitment: I DO!

Welp. I just started a 40 day yoga commitment yesterday, so why not add a 30 in 30 hooping challenge starting today?! Times are tough and i know firsthand how movement, stretching, and hooping seriously HEAL- so l am carving out the time & space to spin and stretch, every day. Thanks, Philo and hooping.org [...]

SPIN JAM Saturday 9.28.13 in Hyattsville, 2pm!

Come out to the shops at Queens Chillum (3108 Queens Chapel Road in Mount Rainier, MD) tomorrow afternoon for the last of our Creative Saturdays where you can make art, community build, and hoola hoop all at once! We’ll be both inside the Jewel Box gallery itself and holding it down in the parking lot, [...]


JOIN US for a whirling good time at noon in Mount Rainier- at the Farmer’s Market on Eastern and Rhode Island Avenues~ the flyer above says it all! Hope to see you and hug you and hoop with you there. And this just announced: Hooping Powers will be continuing on to neighboring Brentwood [...]

HoopMakin’ Love

One of the most fun ways I can think of to celebrate birthdays of young ones in my life is to gift them or better yet: make WITH THEM their very own ring of glitter. Hoop-making tutorials abound on the interwebs, including this one featuring footage of yours truly- so if you’re feeling in a [...]

Foto~Circular #11- HoopLove To You, Always

The hoola hoop is hands down the most unconditionally-loving-low-maintenance-high-pleasure-forever-partner dreamable. Who else can you choose to or refuse to dance with at any hour of any day and it will always be okay? What else looks as beautiful silently dangling from a hook on your wall as it does swinging boldly around your heavenly hips? [...]

Revolutionary Blessings To All

There is so much to celebrate today, and so much more work ahead PLUS PLAY. Make sure to take time to replenish in your self-loving hoop practice as we strive to keep making positive changes, both within society and towards this precious planet. Thank you to all who work for civil rights, children’s rights, [...]

My Brain On Hoops

Hooping somehow simultaneously quiets my mind AND makes it flow forth with ideas. An intellectually stimulating, meditatively relaxing godsend. Here is a snapshot of my brain on hoops from a lesson plan of long ago- there’s always so much more to explore in the world of hooping. What are you currently working on these days? [...]

Jammin’ on the One~

We have thankfully resumed our weekly jams at Joe’s Movement Emporium on Tuesday evenings, from 6:45-8:15pm. This is a wonderful chance to develop your hoop skills, have tons of fun, meet other local hoopers, and most likely learn a new thing or few. While it’s not a formal class, the jam facilitator, Powers, will be [...]

Hello100! A Hundred HoOpDancers spin up a New York Isle!

This Saturday and Sunday, June 9 & 10, at 2pm and 4pm, Hello100!, a vision of the bold & beautiful Bex Burton will be danced by dozens of hoopers from all over the land on Governors Island, NYC. Strange Powers will be making it up from MD to join in this epic event- part of [...]

Foto~Circular #10- Even Babies HOoP!

Here’s a magnificent little being who’s already found the ring of love. It’s easy for people of ALL ages to fall for the hoop, since it is simply a pretty-shaped object even if all you’re doing is picking it up, staring at it (a.k.a. being ‘hoopnitized’), or donning it on your wall as decoration. [...]

Hoop Jam tonight! And Sari Mah~

VIDEO: Sari Mah’s Hoop Progress* Time and time again, getting into my hoop to dance for an hour or two (or even two minutes) TRULY DOES TRANSFORM my stress into glee, and fuels love into my body… want to join me? ( : Once again, for another Tuesday night installment, we will gather at Joe’s [...]

Foto~Circular #9- Spin Into Spring!

Spring of ‘12 & MXPlay is BACK!

My first day of the new season of hardly comprehensible amounts of play happened this past week at Malcolm X Park, a.k.a. Meridian Hill Park, in NW Washington DC. More deets: Most Sundays, post 3pm, til dark. Live by about 5pm. Dozens of drummers (so nearly six hours of beats!) dancers, circus heads (hoopers, poi [...]

Foto~Circular #8- Las ‘Upas,’ Las Gaviotas, y La Luna

A beautiful, striking shot my friend Ricardo captured during my stay in Valdivia, southern Chile, a couple of years ago. The seagulls (las gaviotas) were migrating and can be seen as a wispy shadow above my hoops (mi palabra= upas) held high, with the moon (la luna) prettily peering out, too. <3

Hooping for Social Justice

The revolution may or may not be televised, but it will most definitely be social-networkified, and it will ONE HUNDRED PERCENT be hoola hooped! Hooping was, is, and will always will be for me a true act of revolution~ not only of the physical variety (which is so infinitely cool) but also for the [...]

Spin Art is Hooptastic Fun!

I cannot believe that I did not know about spin art until this week of my life. Not only am I a hooper (so naturally obsessed with mandalas and all things that orbit) but I had never set mine eyes on a spin art machine, much less even heard of it until I got a [...]

Musically-Inspired HoopDance

Over the last few months, no doubt thanks in large part to the incredible musical offerings of the MXP drum circle players on Sunday afternoons, I have been able to fuse my hooping with my dancing more and more seamlessly each time I enter the ring. Hoop-Dance fusion has always been my favorite ’style’ of [...]


My dear friends were such good sports taking the back seat of my auto with hoops monopolizing most of the space en route to our afternoon park-time. Tis the life of the hoop lovers~ we’ve gotta share our space and hoop love, at pretty much any cost. : )


Recently I was lighting some cleansing sage (a.k.a. salvia apiana) in my oh-so-woo-ish way and popped outside for a quick spin with the hoop~ I kept the burning sage in my hand as I twisted within the infinite ring~ spinning my torso both counter-directionally from it- and then also conjoined in a sustained spin… a [...]

Hooping for Emotional Alignment

Those of us in the hoop-know are also likely well aware of the hoop-feel-and-release phenomenon. Hooping & hoopdance help to process emotions quicker- just like movement in general…so that when we feel not only physical lethargy or stiffness, but mental anxiety, confusion, depression, or fear, we can literal step into the hoop to help stretch [...]

Spring-Summer Hoopdance Events!

Hooping Powers is actively and joyfully booking out spring & summertime events for all things hooptacular! A sampling of our 2011 schedule includes: performance at an end of year school social, birthday parties for folks of all ages (youth AND adults!), summer camps for special needs groups of all ages (i.e. people with disabilities, folks [...]

Foto~Circular #7: Mural Desde Chile

This beautiful mandala is one of many different ones painted on my friends’ property in Santiago, Chile. I do not know of what artist to credit- but I am thankful for their creation. I love the 12 (paralleling astrological houses & signs, all 12-step programs, and the number of apostles, etc.) points on the [...]