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HoopMakin’ Love

One of the most fun ways I can think of to celebrate birthdays of young ones in my life is to gift them or better yet: make WITH THEM their very own ring of glitter. Hoop-making tutorials abound on the interwebs, including this one featuring footage of yours truly- so if you’re feeling in a [...]

Hoop Funk Shui

Anyone that has a hoop or two or twenty has likely become well-acquainted with the nature of what I like to call hoop funk shui- the challenge of flowful transport & placement of your hoop/s in your abode or practice space. It’s quite humbling (and often frustrating) after a super fluid and inspiring session of [...]

Post WHD~ lov’n DC Hoopers!

Yesterday’s WORLD HOOP DAY ‘09 on the Monument grounds proved to be the beautiful time we’d all dreamed of- and the rain held out completely! There were so many familiar faces to greet, I hardly had time to hoop! But I did manage to get in some tips from the incredibly talented poi-artist and teacher-breaker-downer: [...]

HoopLove in NYC

My bro-in-law Eric kindly sent me this picture he captured of some hoola hoops locked up outside of a restaurant in NYC! It’s just further proof of how fast and far and fantastically this revolution is spreading! So remember, if you don’t have a collapsible hoop or there are space constraints when you’re traveling about [...]

Hoop-Making Tonight!

Here’s a little last minute notice of the Hoop-Making Workshop I am having tonight at my place in Baltimore. It’ll be from 6 to 8:30pm. Learn all you ever wanted to know about making these fabulously fun revolutionary rings, and try it out yourself. $25, plus a $5 materials fee so that folks [...]

Upcoming Classes & Hoopmaking Workshop…

Hey beginner hoopers and hoopers-to-be: getchur hoop on this holiday season and new year! I am currently lining up my next six-week series of adult classes for January. Classes will either be a late-morning weekend time, or an early-evening weekday time. Feel free to email me at hoopingpowers@gmail.com with your preference, as I will take [...]

Hooping Workshop 5.3.07

All you novice and eager hoopers in and around the Baltimore area will definitely want to check out my upcoming Hoopmaking Workshop and Hooping 101 Class sponsored by the lovely folks of Fluid Movement to be held at the Load of Fun Studio on North Avenue. We will convene for hoop-making around 6:30pm, and [...]

Hoops in the Heat Wave

For those of you who house hoops in your vehicles during these sweltering summer days, I recommend removing the hoops if they are going to be in there for any extended period of time. This last week in DC, as temperatures soared into the three digits, about 10 of the 40 hoops I had in [...]