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Foto~Circular #10- Even Babies HOoP!

Here’s a magnificent little being who’s already found the ring of love. It’s easy for people of ALL ages to fall for the hoop, since it is simply a pretty-shaped object even if all you’re doing is picking it up, staring at it (a.k.a. being ‘hoopnitized’), or donning it on your wall as decoration. [...]

Spin Art is Hooptastic Fun!

I cannot believe that I did not know about spin art until this week of my life. Not only am I a hooper (so naturally obsessed with mandalas and all things that orbit) but I had never set mine eyes on a spin art machine, much less even heard of it until I got a [...]


Recently I was lighting some cleansing sage (a.k.a. salvia apiana) in my oh-so-woo-ish way and popped outside for a quick spin with the hoop~ I kept the burning sage in my hand as I twisted within the infinite ring~ spinning my torso both counter-directionally from it- and then also conjoined in a sustained spin… a [...]

Hoop Play Ideas

There are infinite fun things you can do with hoops as props and tools for movement play- beyond the traditional & popular ’spinning it around you’ concept. Here are some of my favorites: You can make a ‘hoopscotch’ course on the ground and then jump through them one by one- or toss a hacky sac [...]

De’Arra’s Hoopy B’day Jam~

Here’s a mildly fuzzy yet still super fun shot from De’Arra’s recent 3rd year of life birthday party in which I facilitated a HoopingPowers Hoopy Birthday jammy-jam-dance session of bliss with HOOPS! This particular moment captured was when we were driving around with hoops as our steering wheels, whirling up a storm of goodness. The [...]

Foto~Circular #2; Gay Means Happy!

You can play ‘Seek The Circles’ in this one, like ‘Where’s Waldo?’ for hooper-geeks.


My sweet friend Jean and I came up with an awesome new game to play with your mini-hoops the other night! Here’s watchu do: Find a long hallway, preferably indoors on hardwood floors- but of course any space would work (although it is definitely not advised on concrete for the sake of your hoop’s fine [...]