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Foto~Circular #12- Tire Swing Hooping <3

Foto~Circular #11- HoopLove To You, Always

The hoola hoop is hands down the most unconditionally-loving-low-maintenance-high-pleasure-forever-partner dreamable. Who else can you choose to or refuse to dance with at any hour of any day and it will always be okay? What else looks as beautiful silently dangling from a hook on your wall as it does swinging boldly around your heavenly hips? [...]

Foto~Circular #10- Even Babies HOoP!

Here’s a magnificent little being who’s already found the ring of love. It’s easy for people of ALL ages to fall for the hoop, since it is simply a pretty-shaped object even if all you’re doing is picking it up, staring at it (a.k.a. being ‘hoopnitized’), or donning it on your wall as decoration. [...]

Foto~Circular #9- Spin Into Spring!

Foto~Circular #8- Las ‘Upas,’ Las Gaviotas, y La Luna

A beautiful, striking shot my friend Ricardo captured during my stay in Valdivia, southern Chile, a couple of years ago. The seagulls (las gaviotas) were migrating and can be seen as a wispy shadow above my hoops (mi palabra= upas) held high, with the moon (la luna) prettily peering out, too. <3

Spin Art is Hooptastic Fun!

I cannot believe that I did not know about spin art until this week of my life. Not only am I a hooper (so naturally obsessed with mandalas and all things that orbit) but I had never set mine eyes on a spin art machine, much less even heard of it until I got a [...]

Foto~Circular #7: Mural Desde Chile

This beautiful mandala is one of many different ones painted on my friends’ property in Santiago, Chile. I do not know of what artist to credit- but I am thankful for their creation. I love the 12 (paralleling astrological houses & signs, all 12-step programs, and the number of apostles, etc.) points on the [...]


For many of us, hooping practice affords us a chance to clear our minds and be with our breath, grounded & embodied. Whether actively spinning the circle around your core- constantly hugging your hips and heart space, stretching with the hoop as your body follows the curve of the ring, or simply & peacefully sitting [...]

Foto Circular #6: The Ring

Hooping makes us feel not only well-connected to ourselves, but extraordinarily connected to each other as well. The shared love of the hoop creates community faster than a wolverine can dash across a field (I just watched a nature documentary on wolverines; they’re fast!)- and amongst some of the most diverse types of people imaginable. [...]

Foto Circular #5: Hoop’t Couture

Here’s a swank-diddilyOcious hoop shot of a fancy Friendship Heights shore on the MD-DC line I spotted not long ago. Most hoopers know what a stunning symbol & frame the hoola hoop naturally makes. A growing number of hoopers are also aware of the powerful meditative qualities of the hoop or ‘mandala’ to calm oneself, [...]

Hoop Kisses @ Joe’s

This is one of my all time favorite hoop shots for so many reasons (thank you Christine for taking it! and Carol for sharing!). The composition & lighting= my cup of tea. It a picture of my oldest friend on earth, Carol, whom I have known since the ripe young age of one. It’s a [...]

Foto~Circular #4: Bring It!

Many thanks Erin [Doh!] for sending along this fabulous femme-fantastical hoop shot in my general direction. Love to hoopers all over the world! It’s already been brought’en. : )

April Hoop Shoot With iOboka

Here’s a powerful double hooping shot from a recent afternoon with my talented dancer and photographer friend Isaac Oboka. Thank you so much Isaac, for the lovely images & and for the laughter-filled time in the studio. I will be sharing more from this hoop-shoot in the near future so check back often to see [...]

Foto~Circular #3; Edibly Delicious Hoops

How many foods can really represent as well as this one can for us fans of the sublime circle? The onion steals the show. We should all try our hands at finger hooping!

Foto~Circular #2; Gay Means Happy!

You can play ‘Seek The Circles’ in this one, like ‘Where’s Waldo?’ for hooper-geeks.

Foto~Circular #1; SkateWheels!

This is a new hoopLog series in which I’m posting circular-ish imagery I’ve captured, mostly from my less-than-awesome camera phone and occasionally also a Canon Power Shot. Low end hoopLove-flavor at it’s finest. Here’s some love for the littlest hardcore wheels of the world!