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Hoop Jam/Classes Resume 9.2.14!

I’m excited to get whirling once again with our returning spinners and new ones alike come next Tuesday the 2nd of September. Joe’s hoop jams and classes have been happening for over 8 years making it the longest consecutively running weekly hooping events in the DC area. We’ve been building such positive momentum over the [...]

Joe’s Tuesday Night Jam & Lesson

Each Tuesday (unless it’s a holiday or the last week in August) Joe’s Movement Emporium hosts an evening Spin Jam and hoop instruction. From 6:45-7:30 Hooping Powers teaches beginners & intermediate hoopers new techniques and movements in the hoop, and then from 7:30 to 8:15pm, we dim the lights and move into a free-style practice [...]


I have to say i feel delighted about my niece’s latest work of art… little did she know yesterday when she made this clever & clowny masterpiece that it was the eve of World Hoop Day, and that 2013 is also the year of the SNAKE! [which is, coincidentally slash magically, my own Chinese zodiac [...]

Jammin’ on the One~

We have thankfully resumed our weekly jams at Joe’s Movement Emporium on Tuesday evenings, from 6:45-8:15pm. This is a wonderful chance to develop your hoop skills, have tons of fun, meet other local hoopers, and most likely learn a new thing or few. While it’s not a formal class, the jam facilitator, Powers, will be [...]

*No Workshop This Saturday!*

Dear ones,
Due to end of summer trips and such, we are postponing the ‘Putting the Dance in HoopDance’ workshop ’til a later date when more folks can make it. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and encourage folks to send a direct message if you’re definitely interested in this class, so as [...]

August Hoop Workshops: Beginner Basics & Intermediate Dance Skills

We’re extremely excited to announce not one but two long-awaited spinning workshops coming up this August.
Saturday August 4th will be HOOPING 101: Exploring the Basics. This is an intro-level 2 hour workshop from 3-5pm at Joe’s Movement Emporium in Mount Rainier, MD. Cost, curriculum details, and a link to purchase are located on our [...]

Head Hooping is So Hot Right Now

Soooo… a natural progression of most folks’ hooping journeys is to start to explore how many different ways you can hoop on your total bod. For me, this exploration has led to my head. It’s easy to skip over tender spots like legs, neck, and yes, your precious brain case when there are so many [...]

Spin Art is Hooptastic Fun!

I cannot believe that I did not know about spin art until this week of my life. Not only am I a hooper (so naturally obsessed with mandalas and all things that orbit) but I had never set mine eyes on a spin art machine, much less even heard of it until I got a [...]

Musically-Inspired HoopDance

Over the last few months, no doubt thanks in large part to the incredible musical offerings of the MXP drum circle players on Sunday afternoons, I have been able to fuse my hooping with my dancing more and more seamlessly each time I enter the ring. Hoop-Dance fusion has always been my favorite ’style’ of [...]

Hoop Funk Shui

Anyone that has a hoop or two or twenty has likely become well-acquainted with the nature of what I like to call hoop funk shui- the challenge of flowful transport & placement of your hoop/s in your abode or practice space. It’s quite humbling (and often frustrating) after a super fluid and inspiring session of [...]

Acro-Hooping Awesomeness!

This past month’s workshop with the talented acro-hoop instructors Marria & Zach of Hoop Ninja fame proved to be a super fun (and also an admittedly exhausting!) time. Three straight hours of inversions and one-handed cartwheels and carrying another’s body weight was way more strenuous activity than I’m used to in a given day. And [...]

The Subtleties and Vastness of Arm-Hand Spinning

I am pretty much in love with light, mini arm & hand hooping these days. My time in Chile just over a year ago really jump-started this relationship, even though I had done it a bit before the trip~ but without as much intention nor attention regarding the many positive & often subtle impacts it [...]

A Comfortable Depth of Stretch

Recently I was asked in a circle of spinners to share my current favorite hoop move. My answer was actually: “Hoopstretching.” For those of us who regularly use a hoop to assist us in our various stretching practices, we know that there’s an ability to experience a broader range of movement in the rather [...]

No Hoop Class Tonight~

Joe’s Movement Emporium is closed in honor and observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day~ therefore there will be no evening hoop class tonight. Happy hooping wherever you may be today. Please join us next week for more practice and play in the ring of revolution, and happy birthday Dr. King! In gratitude for those [...]

Hoop Kisses @ Joe’s

This is one of my all time favorite hoop shots for so many reasons (thank you Christine for taking it! and Carol for sharing!). The composition & lighting= my cup of tea. It a picture of my oldest friend on earth, Carol, whom I have known since the ripe young age of one. It’s a [...]

The Infinite Power & Joy of Poi

While I have yet to take a formal class on the New Zealand-born art of Poi, I have increasingly amp’ed up my own exploration of poi-inspired hooping techniques in recent months and it has proven more powerful for bilateral brain strengthening than most other movement paths I have explored in this lifetime. The basic motion [...]

De’Arra’s Hoopy B’day Jam~

Here’s a mildly fuzzy yet still super fun shot from De’Arra’s recent 3rd year of life birthday party in which I facilitated a HoopingPowers Hoopy Birthday jammy-jam-dance session of bliss with HOOPS! This particular moment captured was when we were driving around with hoops as our steering wheels, whirling up a storm of goodness. The [...]

Mandala & Hoop-Making Workshop! This Sunday: 4.25.10

I will be hosting a Mandala & Hoop-Making Workshop this coming Sunday the 25th of April in Baltimore City (Waverly neighborhood)- complete with tons of education & materials at your fingertips, refreshments, and the house cat, Ellsie, who rather likes herself a hoola hoop.
A hoop is an example of a mandala, or an expression [...]

Strr r r e t c h with your Hoop

Anyone who’s ever stretched and moved about with hoop in hands is sure to have felt the incredible benefits of this simple & most gloriously deep shape in ever-expanding one’s range of body movement/s. I have danced throughout my lifetime, but only in the last five years and more intensely in the last one or [...]

Captain Obvious Sez: “No Hoop Class Tonight!”

Just sayin… in case any of you DMV hoopers are extraordinarily hard core~ that I, am not. And Joe’s is closed. See you post-snowsanity! In the meantime, if I may suggest: make some hot cocoa, move some furniture, and getchur home-hoop a’spin! What better way to enjoy the day? With Love & Blinding White Light~ [...]

!Hooping at Home in Chile!

I have been in the countryside of southern Chile for nearly a month now. Here’s a shot of me just before a gay parade in Santiago my second day in South America~ donning an “I Love Myself” sign in Spanish- “Yo Amo A Mi Misma!”~ with my hoola hoops happily overhead. The modern hooping movement [...]

The Constant Hug of the Hoop

One thing that I like to share with others and try to remind myself of often, is exactly why the hoop is such a powerful mechanism for experiencing joy, clarity, and creative expression in a relatively safe place: inside the circle.
Most folks who’ve hooped before (as adults) recognize fast about the pure fun and [...]

Hoopgirl Goodness

This past month us Baltimorans had the great fortune of having the Hoopgirl team (led by the incredible Candice Schutter and JennaLuna) grace us with their presence for the first-ever East Coast Teacher Training. It was truly an inspirational weekend full of positivity and LOVE for all. When I was still living in Seattle and [...]

Summer Youth Hooping Camps 2009!

Sign your hooping-curious children up now for exciting revolutionary camps happening in both Baltimore and Mount Rainier, MD this summer! The Baltimore-specific information is as follows:
WHAT: Two 1-week camps (1.5 hours each morning) of Hooping Fun, hoop decoration, and HoopDANCE!
WHOM: Ages 7-11. Both girls AND BOYS are encouraged to join!
WHERE: Roland Park Country School, B’more [...]

Class Reading Excerpts

We just wrapped up week three of our new & delightful Mindful Hooping class creation. During our class we’ve been incorporating quotations of writers who inspire us how to be more mindful, intentional, and joyful in our practice. What follows are the names and/or books of the people whose words we’ve been celebrating within the [...]