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Be Circled @ Joe Squared, Tonight!

If you live in Baltimore City you’ve probably seen this dedicated fella named Spilly (pictured above) who has been unfailingly spreading the hoopLOVE throughout B’more for well over a year, most visibly every Saturday morning at the northern end of the Waverly Farmer’s Market. Super. Impressive. Spilly. Thanks for getting B’more hooped! Sooo… Spilly and [...]

HoopStiltin’ at Malcolm X

Thanks to the sharing spirit of stilt-owner Tom yesterday at the MXPark play & drum circles, I got to go up on stilts & try my hips at hooping! I’ve been ‘up’ once or twice before, but this was the impetus for me to get more into stilting (with hooping, of course) and share the [...]

Acro-Hooping Awesomeness!

This past month’s workshop with the talented acro-hoop instructors Marria & Zach of Hoop Ninja fame proved to be a super fun (and also an admittedly exhausting!) time. Three straight hours of inversions and one-handed cartwheels and carrying another’s body weight was way more strenuous activity than I’m used to in a given day. And [...]

Foto Circular #6: The Ring

Hooping makes us feel not only well-connected to ourselves, but extraordinarily connected to each other as well. The shared love of the hoop creates community faster than a wolverine can dash across a field (I just watched a nature documentary on wolverines; they’re fast!)- and amongst some of the most diverse types of people imaginable. [...]

The Subtleties and Vastness of Arm-Hand Spinning

I am pretty much in love with light, mini arm & hand hooping these days. My time in Chile just over a year ago really jump-started this relationship, even though I had done it a bit before the trip~ but without as much intention nor attention regarding the many positive & often subtle impacts it [...]