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A Comfortable Depth of Stretch

Recently I was asked in a circle of spinners to share my current favorite hoop move. My answer was actually: “Hoopstretching.” For those of us who regularly use a hoop to assist us in our various stretching practices, we know that there’s an ability to experience a broader range of movement in the rather [...]

NO JAM TONIGHT! (Joe’s is closed)

That’s about it. Stay safe on the roads and warm hooping wishes wherever you find yourself this evening. Hope to see you all next week!
sTrAnGe PoWeRs

No Hoop Class Tonight~

Joe’s Movement Emporium is closed in honor and observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day~ therefore there will be no evening hoop class tonight. Happy hooping wherever you may be today. Please join us next week for more practice and play in the ring of revolution, and happy birthday Dr. King! In gratitude for those [...]

Foto Circular #5: Hoop’t Couture

Here’s a swank-diddilyOcious hoop shot of a fancy Friendship Heights shore on the MD-DC line I spotted not long ago. Most hoopers know what a stunning symbol & frame the hoola hoop naturally makes. A growing number of hoopers are also aware of the powerful meditative qualities of the hoop or ‘mandala’ to calm oneself, [...]