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Reflections on WHD 2010

This month’s World Hoop Day celebrations in DC and Maryland were resoundingly magical. My gratitude goes out to each person who showed up to hoop, take a workshop, join our jams, enjoy the premier DC showing of The Hooping Life, watch the diverse and delectable performances of the first DCHC Flow Showcase, and to [...]

Coyote Grace with Mini Hoops!

My dear friends are in a folk music band called Coyote Grace. And they are awesome. And last week I gifted them some mini hoops at their Delaware show with the Indigo Girls. Here’s their backstage pre-performance warm-up play-out hoop-around fun. Just goes to show how truly versatile the world of hooping is. It’s worth [...]

WHD & DC Hoop Collective in the News!

In promotion of all our fabulous World Hoop Day events coming up this weekend, Paul Raphel from the local Fox news joined us at the monument yesterday to get the scoop on all things hoop! *Fast forward to 1:40 minutes (through 4:10) into the segment to get to the beautiful hooping goodness provided by our [...]