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Hoop to Jupe!

Tonight is an ideal time for going outside to gaze up at the gas giant that is Jupiter as it is now closer than it has been since the early 1960’s, and it won’t be this close to us again for another twelve more years. Bring your hoop while your at it… Astrologically, Jupiter [...]

Hump Day Hoop Jam TONIGHT!

Come out to Joe’s Movement Emporium tonight for the first of a weekly Hump Day Hoop Jam on Wednesdays from 7-8pm. Hoops and music provided or bring your own if you like! Hoop Jams are free-style hooping sessions to hoop your heart out and build community with other hoopers in the process. There is no [...]

Hoop Kisses @ Joe’s

This is one of my all time favorite hoop shots for so many reasons (thank you Christine for taking it! and Carol for sharing!). The composition & lighting= my cup of tea. It a picture of my oldest friend on earth, Carol, whom I have known since the ripe young age of one. It’s a [...]