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Strr r r e t c h with your Hoop

Anyone who’s ever stretched and moved about with hoop in hands is sure to have felt the incredible benefits of this simple & most gloriously deep shape in ever-expanding one’s range of body movement/s. I have danced throughout my lifetime, but only in the last five years and more intensely in the last one or [...]

Mine Irish Hooper-Eyes Are Smiling

Hoopy St. Patty’s Day, friends! Here’s a stunning Celtic Mandala created by Barbara Clare Goodwin that I feel well represents the beauty & majestic power of this ancient art form recently experiencing a surge in popularity~ no doubt thanks in part to spiritually conscious hoopers all over the world~

Hoopy Pi Day!

Hope we all get a chance to spin it up today: the 14th of the 3rd month of the year (3.14), or annual “Pi Day!” Pi is the mathematical constant that represents the relationship between a circle’s diameter and circumference. As hoopers (and even more as hoopmakers) there’s a chance we think beyond most (non-mathemetician) [...]

DC Hoop Collective Revolvie Award 2009

A belated and genuine thanks to the lovely Revolva from PDX for highlighting our DC Hoop Collective in her 2009 Revolvies, commending solid and extraordinary folks & happenings in our ever-growing hoop community. And of course, gratitude goes out to Jaguar Mary (who’s currently in BALI for a Sacred Circularities hoop retreat that she’s organized) [...]

Foto~Circular #3; Edibly Delicious Hoops

How many foods can really represent as well as this one can for us fans of the sublime circle? The onion steals the show. We should all try our hands at finger hooping!

Spin Jam Sunday the 7th, Mount Rainier

DC’s burnery, object-manipu-
latory, improvey crew DanceAFire is hosting a Free Pajama Jam at the Mt. Rainier Artist Lofts featuring the musical stylings of DJ Sam starting at about 6:30pm tomorrow eve, Sunday the 7th of March. Wear your PJ’s or something equally as cozy and prepare to move and groove. It’s been suggested that you [...]

HoopJam for Haiti~ Follow-uP!

This weekend’s hoopjam fundraiser for Water Missions International and the Haitian community was a beautiful time~ with around 20 hoopers coming out to move & share in the joyful revolution, send healing energy outward, self-loving energy inward, and also to learn more about the importance of clean water for our fragile human systems. We collectively [...]