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Foto~Circular #1; SkateWheels!

This is a new hoopLog series in which I’m posting circular-ish imagery I’ve captured, mostly from my less-than-awesome camera phone and occasionally also a Canon Power Shot. Low end hoopLove-flavor at it’s finest. Here’s some love for the littlest hardcore wheels of the world!

Online 2010 ‘Race for Hope’ Now Up!

“SuperPowers!” This is my family and friends’ amazing team name for the Race for Hope to fight against brain tumors. As many who are close to me already know, my family’s been doubly affected by brain tumors recently, and we’ve therefore been active in the DC Race for Hope fundraiser for the last four years. [...]

Finding Hoop Space in the Blusteringly Big & Cold City

Having just settled back onto the soil of my country of origin after a long hooping sabbatical in the forest, I’m finding myself in the midst of this big city life where it can be difficult to find environmentally-friendly-hoopspiration & SPACE TO HOOP! Walking the streets of DC, Metro’ing through the Bethesda suburbs, or driving [...]

Hoop-Mandalas On Altars

Hoops are mandalas, circles, portals, wheels, clocks, rings, irises, and symbols of sacred geometry. The circular shape of the hoop makes it an ideal addition to altars, meditation nooks, sacred spaces, and decorations on/in homes, temples, buildings, barns, etc. Many modern (& European-descended) hoopers are beginning to see what indigenous American people and hoopdancers [...]