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Circular Moon & Hoop Energies High!

Today is a big day. On this eve of 2010, we are experiencing a rare celestial occasion, with the combined forces of not only a new year upon us, but also the powerful energies of both a ‘blue’ full moon, and a partial lunar eclipse (at 2:12pm EST). The *astrological significance of a blue moon [...]

More Creative (HOOP) Movement in Education~

This is a video of an excellent Ted Talk about how our education system as it is today, around the world, is basically killing creativity. In this lecture made by Sir Ken Robinson, he champions a radical rethink of our school systems, to cultivate creativity and acknowledge multiple types of intelligences. I think it’s perfect [...]


Every once in a while you meet an instant convert to the joyful revolution. You know it the minute you put a hoop around their hips or hand that they’re hooked for life. It’s an incredible sight, bearing witness to someone’s discovery of the hoop’s super magical properties. This past fall/early winter while living in [...]


Lately I have been combining my practice of hooping and my practice of writing into one two-sided coin freshly tossed into the air spinning freely and highly above the ground, often to the accompaniment of positive-centric, medium-tempo’ed hip hop and r’n’b~ where the lyrics seep straight into your soul even if only your body hears [...]