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Hip-Swingin’ Bee Keepers!

La Christine and I took a pause from tending to the bees one afternoon to hoop in our bee costumes (I mean, bee-suits!). Que divertidisimo y un poco raro tambien…how hilarious and and little weird, too!

!Mi Primer Upa Organica!

Este es el primer “upa” yo hice de solomente material natural y organica! Estoy emocionada para mas exploracion en el construccion de upas sin plastico. Este upa linda es de Colihue (un primo de bamboo) y vid de la selva de Sur Chile , y es super funcional, tambien. Que vakan y divertido y bueno [...]

Hooping Homeward~

This past week I had the great pleasure of working with my talented friends Karin and Ricardo from Valparaiso on the creation of a new hoop-dance-music video piece about home; one of both documentation and art. At the end of the week, we’d traveled great distances with hoops and cameras in tow, through and around [...]

Anti-Office-ness: A Circular Cure-All

Having recently increased my amount of time writing and therefore my general sitting-still time, I am realizing more each day how important the pure physical movement of hooping is in my everyday life. Our bodies are simply not designed to be so sedentary. How perfect an outlet is hooping for our modern day “sit-tense-and-staring” style [...]

Primer Taller de UPA en Valdivia

Hola Amigos Del Mundo~ While I usually write posts in the English language, right now I am finding home to be in the Southern part of Chile- where I will be holding my first hooping workshop in the coming weeks. Therefore, what follows is a description in the Spanish language for Chileans (or any other [...]