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I awoke this morning knowing how busy my day is going to be and before I let myself feel any stress about it, I picked up a hoop and went outside to my deck to move with it. I began with my normal stretching~ using the hoop as a tool for a deeper warm-up than [...]

Global Community & World Hoop Day 9.9.09

As I reflect on the last few years of the still furiously-burgeoning world of hooping, I continue to be impressed (but not at all surprised) by the sheer positivity and power of the circle.  Communities filled with love and peace and connection are springing forth literally all over the world~ including our oft-hardened hometown of [...]


My sweet friend Jean and I came up with an awesome new game to play with your mini-hoops the other night! Here’s watchu do: Find a long hallway, preferably indoors on hardwood floors- but of course any space would work (although it is definitely not advised on concrete for the sake of your hoop’s fine [...]

HoopLove in NYC

My bro-in-law Eric kindly sent me this picture he captured of some hoola hoops locked up outside of a restaurant in NYC! It’s just further proof of how fast and far and fantastically this revolution is spreading! So remember, if you don’t have a collapsible hoop or there are space constraints when you’re traveling about [...]