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Reversing Your Spin

Whether in a structured hooping class or on your own hooping journey, I highly recommend making it a point to reverse your direction of spin as often as you can, with the goal (in mind and body) of being completely ambi-hoopstrous at some point in time. Just like it is a lot easier to learn [...]

Hoopin, Beatboxin, Bellydancin…

Tonight (Friday the 13th!) at the Palace of Wonders! comes another fabulously-faux-French cabaret hosted by the one and only Monsieur Paco. Also starring hooper Strange Powers, bellydancer Ariel, beatboxer the Bow-legged Gorilla, and burlesque starlet Sable Sincyr. A night not to be missed! Show at 10pm. Cover at 10 dollars. Bring your friends!

Hoopin’ at the Palace!

Tonight, June 5th, brings yet another fun-filled edition of the Dutch Oven at the Palace of Wonders, brought to you by the L’il Dutch, and her sweety sidekick MC Gary Gutter. Come out and watch my Strange Hooping Powers, in addition to the divine Lily Stark White, the debut of Poppy La Rouge, and of [...]