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Hula Dance & Hoola Hoop

I am happy to see that more and more people are dropping the hula from hooping- and that many of those who are not are choosing to use the spelling ‘hoola’ instead of the more culturally appropriating ‘hula’ term. The two presumably white men from California who patented the ‘Hula Hoop’ in 1958 were said [...]

‘07 Virgin Fest Follow-Up

The 2nd annual Virgin Festival which took place at Baltimore’s Pimlico Race Track proved to be a thrilling and jam-packed, albeit swelteringly hot weekend for all. From The Police and the Wu-Tang Clan to Matisyahu and M.I.A., there was no shortage of stellar entertainment, and that includes HOOLA HOOPING! We got hundreds of concert-goers happily [...]

Hoop Doggy Dogg!

Here’s a goofy shot from the 2007 Fluid Movement Water Ballet that took place just a few weeks ago in Baltimore City. I am hooping amongst my fellow canines, the Flying Basenjis! Check back in the next couple of weeks for info on my fall Baltimore hooping classes sponsored by the Fluid Movement Troop to [...]

My First LED Hoop!

Considering what a fan I am of all things that sparkle and glow, it surprises me a bit that it’s taken me this long to hop onto and into the LED (light-emitting diodes) hooping bandwagon. I am thrilled to have this hoop to add to my fancy stock~ A big thanks to sweetheart Jules for [...]

Rings of Love

Here’s a delightful shot of my new lovebird friends Josh and Jess, embracing in a sweet moment with my gift of wedding hoola hoops in hand. For those of us already turned onto hooping, we know what a great present a hoop can be- but what’s an even BETTER gift, in my opinion, is TWO [...]