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World Hoop Day is July 7th!

The first annual World Hoop Day is fast upon us- in a week from today! This is a wonderful opportunity for all people to build both a global hooping community & more lasting local hoop groups. Mark your calendars for Saturday, July 7, 2007 (7-7-7) as World Hoop Day~ when you can know for sure [...]

Tonight at the Palace!

For those of you who are looking last minute for something special to do tonight, come on down to the freakiest bar in DC, the Palace of Wonders. Tonight marks the kick off of their new monthly French Cabaret, Viva La Decadance~ complete with ze fire performance of Silver Raven, ze very charming Monsieur Paco [...]


I just had to share this hoop shot I spotted on the street the other day, from the clever animators over at Pixar, promoting their latest flick to be released this summer: Ratatouille. When I am teaching hooping to little ones, I usually strike up a discussion about all the places and things in life [...]

Summer Hoop Parties

Hooping Powers loves to get parties started the right way: by hoola hooping! Here’s a rather grainy camera phone shot from a recent backyard gathering of a gaggle of ten year old hoopers (and their accompanying moms who, too, were taken by the revolution!). I provide the hoops for party use (and have hoops on [...]