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Fall Hooping @ Joe’s

Youth ages 5-12 can join Hooping Powers at Joe’s Movement Emporium on Wednesdays from 4-6 pm for hoola-hooping classes beginning September 6th. The class focus will be on basic hooping skills, hoopdance, and moving the hoop around and across the body. We’ll also work on tricks, choreography, and performance skills. Joe’s is the lively heart [...]

Columbia Hoopla- 8.24.06

Just a reminder about tomorrow evening’s Hoopla gathering outside of Baltimore. My dear hooping companion, Jessie Newburn of Wolf River Enterprises is putting together a sweet night of whirling at her home in Columbia from 7-8:30 pm. All peaceful people are welcome to join our growing revolution! See my posting from August 15th for more [...]

Hooping Class~ Glen Echo

As fall is quickly descending upon us, my classes at Glen Echo Park are beginning in less than 3 weeks! This exciting & never before offered hooping class will cover: basic waist hooping, isolated body hooping, traveling, hoopdance, tricks, and overall fluidity of movement. Classes are for ages 6-8, 9-12, and adults (minimum age 13). [...]

Fresh Hoopsite

While it’s not a new website, hooping.org has recently undergone a major revamping of its stellar contents: all-things-hooping. I first learned of the original site during a tiny & totally fun hoop night organized by two of its founding members and contributors: Ariel Meadow Stallings and Kara Spencer, fellow hooper friends from my Seattle days. [...]

Hoopla in Columbia!

Make your way out to the east side of Columbia next Thursday evening, August 24th (7-8:30) for a hooping good time. My good friend Jessie Newburn is putting together a flurry of hoola hoop fun at her home to help spread the great revolution far and wide. There will be demonstrations, lessons, and quality, custom-made [...]

Hooping Inside Balloon!

Some of you may have heard of the newest and oddest club to hit DC, the Palace of Wonders. It is a haven for the strange and sideshow curious, as it contains a large collection of incredibly bizarre (& often grody) relics previously on display at Baltimore’s American Dime Museum. My dear and talented friend [...]

Park Hoop- Sun.eve 8.6.06

If it is not too terribly hot out tomorrow evening, I am planning to hoop it up in DC’s Meridian Hill Park (aka Malcolm X Park) bordered by 15th, 16th, Euclid and W streets NW. Sundays between 3 and 9 pm traditionally bring a lot of folks out to the park for drumming, dancing, hooping, [...]

Hoops in the Heat Wave

For those of you who house hoops in your vehicles during these sweltering summer days, I recommend removing the hoops if they are going to be in there for any extended period of time. This last week in DC, as temperatures soared into the three digits, about 10 of the 40 hoops I had in [...]

Record Breaker!

In follow-up to my last post, I found out that indeed, Denmark’s Sofie Schwarz did manage to break the children’s world record for spinning hoops (formerly 85 hoops) with 88 hoops spinning around her little body all at once! Congratulations to Sofie~ way to represent for youth hoopers worldwide!