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Youth Hoop Record

Here’s a sweet shot (courtesy of my friend Brent and Yahoo News) of 11-year-old Sofie Schwarz from Denmark attempting to break the children’s world hooping record (85 hoops going simultaneously) in Copenhagen. For those of you who are curious or competitive-minded, check out these other hooping records according to the great online encyclopedia Wikipedia.

Hooping 101

The July 1st hooping station at Glen Echo Park proved to be a ton of super-duper-hooper fun. Curious kids alongside of some hooping-skeptic parents all joined in the hooping joy and learned a handful of basic points to make anyone a successful hooper:
1. The bigger or taller you are, the bigger and heavier your [...]

Dupont Drum Circle 7.11.06

This Tuesday night, join the Rhythm Workers for another night of drumming and dancing at the fountain in Dupont Circle, Washington D.C. (on the red line of the metro). Music begins around 7:30 pm and lasts until 9:30. Frequently, there are hoopers and jugglers and assorted types of friendly Burner-folk to accompany the musical offerings.

Summer Classes Postponed

Due to unexpected circumstances, I am having to postpone the hooping classes that were planned to be held at Glen Echo Park in their Hall of Mirrors studio this July and August. However, classes will be held there this fall and winter with nearly the same schedule lined up. Feel free to contact me for [...]

A Brief Hoop History

Lately I have been excitedly researching the long and deep history of hooping. It’s no surprise that folks have been using the symbolic circle in everything from religious rites to playtime, & dances to target training throughout time. Some 3000 years ago Egyptians fashioned hoops from dried grapevines and other plant materials to swing around [...]