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Awesomely Bad Ball 5.31.06

This coming Wednesday night I will be making a hooping appearance at the Awesomely Bad Ball fundraiser to benefit Forum Theatre and Dance. The event will take place at 7pm at the National Music Center (formerly the City Museum) in DC’s Mount Vernon Square, and will feature a wild array of performers and costume-clad guests. [...]

Outdoor Big Games Fest 6.3.06

Save the 3rd of June 2006 date for the first annual Big Games Fest from 1-6 in the afternoon/eve. Here’s a radical opportunity to share the love of hooping with a lot of other people, and make a bunch of new friends in the process. This exciting day of outdoor games will take place at [...]

Summer Hooping Classes

I am currently in the process of lining up a series of classes to take place in July and August for folks to develop and work on hooping skills. Classes will be open to the young and old and everyone in between. Feel free to email me for more information, or check back to this [...]

Master of Hoops 2006

The first of Fluid Movement’s Hoola-Hoop-A-Thons was an absolute success. The group not only raised money for their upcoming water ballet, but raised a lot of hoop-happy spirits in the process. Here’s a shot of me in my blue garb taken outside the Fluid Movement Headquarters before things got underway. The great bulk of the [...]

Hooping at Ottobar Show

Here’s a shot of NYC’s Miss Saturn spinning it up at Trixie Little’s burlesque and variety show recently held at the Ottobar in Baltimore. Thanks to Denise for capturing and sending me this fine image.

Hot Show with Miss Saturn

For those of you into the art of burlesque, check out Trixie Little & the Evil Hate Monkey’s fundraiser performance this Friday night, the 12th of May, at the Ottobar in Baltimore. It’s called the ‘Las Vegas & Busts Show’ to raise money for Trixie and Monkey heading out to L.V. for the annual Miss [...]

Hoop-A-Thon On Saturday

Just a reminder that this coming Saturday the 13th of May is the date of the likely delightful hoop-til-you-droop-a-thon up in Baltimore, MD. Check out my April 23 post for more details. Hope to see you hooping away in B’more~
13 May 2006:
Event from 2-6pm. Hooping Contest at 3pm sharp.
122 North Ave. at Howard St., Baltimore [...]

Dupont Drum Circle Tonight!

Here’s a last minute notice about a drum circle happening on DC’s Dupont Circle from 7:30 to 9:30 tonight. It’s organized by the District’s chapter of Burning Man folk so it should be very lively and welcoming. Myself and a couple other hoopers are planning to go, so please stop by and join us if [...]

Hoop for Hope

This past Sunday morning, the 7th of May 2006, I walked with my family in the 9th Annual Brain Tumor Race For Hope 5k Fundraiser in Washington D.C. We walked (and ran and hooped) in support of and alongside my mother, Mary Ann Powers, who is a thriving survivor of Glioblastoma Multiforme, a level 4 [...]

Public Hooping Joy

Today’s afternoon of hooping in lively Dupont Circle was such a good time. We had everyone involved in the action from timid spinners and curious onlookers to lunchbreak professionals & uniformed soldiers. If only the hooping love were enough to wage world peace. At least for a few hours today we waged some serious peace [...]

Dupont Hoop moved to 5.4.06!

A look out my windows and a check on the weather predictions indicates that today’s hooping in Dupont Circle may be met with showers and possible thunderstorms. While hooping in the rain can itself be a fun time, we’re opting to postpone until tomorrow: 1 pm, Thursday the 4th of May, 2006, same Dupont Circle [...]

Dupont Circle Hoop 5.3.06

Hey DC Hoopers! Wednesday the 3rd of May I will be hooping it up at Dupont Circle proper for any folks who would like to join in the fun. I plan to be there around 1:00 pm and stay for a while (at least an hour, if not longer). I will come bearing an armful [...]

Fabulous Family Day

As reported by Jessie, one of the coordinators of Glen Echo Family Day’s hooping activities, the event was a resounding success! Here’s an early image from the day as hips were just getting warmed up. The only thing that would’ve made it better was even more hoops available for the eager flocks of participants, small [...]