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Hooping Gear

The other day I made the first trip of my DC life to get hooping gear around here. I brought my momma along with me- we both love ourselves some hardware stores. I was a little worried at first, not finding any polytubing at the local Home Depot mega stores. I would love to find [...]

Widening Circles

I spent my night happily contra dancing at the historic Glen Echo Park’s beauteous Spanish Ballroom. Here I met several friendly folk, one of whom is an active hooper in the DC community (bringing an armful of hoops to the dance!). She’s even got her own group of hooping women spinning it up together every [...]

A New Day

I have recently landed back in Maryland where I was born and raised, after spending my last six years in the emerald city of Seattle, Washington. Along with this drastic geographic move, I have decided to put my time and energy into creating and growing Hooping Powers. When I stumbled upon the resurging hooping community [...]