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Welcome to the revolution! Hooping Powers is dedicated to spreading the love of hooping throughout the mid-Atlantic region through classes, performances, parties, and hoop distribution. People of all ages, abilities, sizes, genders, and lifestyles can experience extreme joy and peace with a hoola hoop. If you are new to the revolution, do prepare yourself for fun and feeling well. Already a hooper? Please contact us! We are always on the lookout for opportunities to cultivate powerful hooping communities. Joyful whirling wishes to all~

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BOOMscat&HoopDream Duo for Chill Hoop Music
If you local in the DMV haven't yet been blessed with the chance to witness BOOMscat gracing a stage near you, it's high time you seek them out. I was fortunate to be booked with my hoola hoops at a gig they played earlier this year~ and immediately fell madly in love with their art & souls... perfect tunes to simply slow my hoop roll and just FLOW. If you like soulful, funkful, sexytime R & B'ish ballads, you will fall in love, too. After all, their motto is "Peace and Body Roll" ...how could a hooper like me not fall for these two?! This week they celebrated a year of musical creation together- and I was privileged enough to grace the dancefloor before them for a song or two, pictured above. Wishing BOOMclak & Patience all the best & many blessings in this new year ahead~ [...read more]